…So, You Didn’t Enter ChanceX12 Yet?

…So, You Didn’t Enter ChanceX12 Yet?

We spoke about it a lot. You already know your money is going to a great cause. You already know how high your chances are.

So why haven’t you entered yet?

After thinking about it long and hard, we were only able to come up with a few reasons.

Which is your excuse?

1. You just returned from a long trip at sea.

Your Mishpacha subscription didn’t make it there???

2. You have enough money.

Remember – even if you don’t want to win the money, all proceeds support the wonderful Mesivta Shaarei Adirim!

3. You were taking a Shabbos nap. (On a Tuesday…)

As they say, you snooze you lose! It may be a good idea to stick to Shabbos naps only on Shabbos. 😊

4. Your dog ate your credit card.

So why don’t you believe your children when they say the same about their homework?

5. You’re still working out 1/292 statistic.

To be very honest, we don’t find the math too simple either.

Stop pushing it off!

Enter today for a chance to win $10,000. Every. Single. Month. Remember – tickets are capped at 3,500 and with 12 chances, your odds are 1/292!

The time is NOW.

Click here to register.