ChanceX12: A Statistical Analysis*

ChanceX12: A Statistical Analysis*

“So, how likely am I to win $10,000 this month?”

Don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you with the 1/292 math equation again. We’re pretty sure you have that down pat. (In case you’re still wondering though, check out our blog post here.)

This time, we’re giving you some “real-life” examples. So, get ready; here we go!

You have better odds of winning ChanceX12 than…

1.      Getting up the first time your alarm rings

“Whoops… guess I won’t have time to brush my teeth before davening.”


2.      Catching your bus on time for a month

“Good thing Ubers are always ready and willing to save the day!”


3.      Making all the lights on your way home

“I hope the babysitter doesn’t have any plans tonight…”


4.      Winning first place in a marathon

“First place on line at the takeout Friday morning?”


5.      Being the first through the door at Walmart on Black Friday

“I’ve been up since 4:30! Please let today be my lucky day!”


…Well, you get the point. Your chances are high. What’s holding you back?

Yes- I want in!

*Please note: Ideas are not statistically proven. We are simply trying to prove a point.