5 Wise Ways to Spend $10,000

I just entered the raffle and I’m one step closer to $10k. How should I spend it all?

No worries- we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some practical ways to spend your newfound winnings:

1.Pay off overburdening credit card debt
Give yourself some peace of mind and start tackling those debts! Remember – the more you wait; the more interest
will accrue.

2. Deduct $10,000 from your tuition bill
A private yeshiva tuition comes with a high price tag. Designating more funds toward your children’s’ education will
help avoid the financial burden and stress of hefty loans.

3. Buy that new-used car with cash up front
A car is always a worthwhile investment and with an extra $10k, purchase one without dipping into your savings.

4. Cover your rent or make a dent in your mortgage
Shelter is expensive – so think how much $10k can help toward your high rent or mortgage! While splurging all your
winnings on a luxury item may be tempting, allotting it for rent or mortgage is a wiser and more stress-free option.

5. Take your dream 2-week vacation to Eretz Yisroel
A healthy break from the pressures of everyday life is essential to continued productivity. And what better way to
vacation than to be spiritually rejuvenated in Eretz Yisroel?

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